The Lawrence Family

A strong work ethic isn’t just something that’s taught in Philemon Lawrence’s family – it’s the core of the entire Lawrence Dairy Farm.

Philemon and his wife Amy are the proud parents of three children, Ella, Kiera, and Annalise. When they’re not running Ella and Annalise to hockey, or Kiera to therapeutic horseback riding lessons, they’re working hard on their farm just outside of Burtt’s Corner, New Brunswick. “We’re a dairy farm first,” explains Philemon. A fourth generation farmer, Philemon draws on his years of experience and his educational background in Animal Science to care for the family’s herd. Amy has a background in Business Accounting, and spends her days balancing the farm’s books and working in the barn.


The Lawrence’s history in dairy farming runs deep, dating back to Philemon’s parents George and Sheila, who introduced dairy to the farm back in the early 1960s. The single largest concern on the Lawrence farm has always been what the cows are eating. “We strive for milk quality – everything has to do with milk quality,” Philemon explains. “In order to stay productive, you have to put up good feed.

To keep the cows full and healthy, Lawrence Dairy Farm grows a rotation of alfalfa, grain corn, and silage corn. When it comes to the corn, Philemon has had to change his growing strategy over the years. He likes to grow 3 or 4 different varieties of corn, of varying heat units, then compare them. This helps spread out the risk and the harvest workload. “I don’t want everything ready on one day,” he explains.

DKC30-07RIB has been a staple on his farm because of its quality for high moisture silage, top end grain yield and dual purpose nature. And DKC27-55RIB has been on the farm for a couple years now as a lower heat unit hybrid with top grain quality and a good, solid kernel.

With 360 cows on the farm, the couple doesn’t have a ton of time to commit to on-farm trials. That’s where Philemon relies on local DEKALB® Dealer, Cedric MacLeod of Hillview Farms Ltd, to help him inspect fields and focus on trial data and the history of how the hybrids are performing in his area. “I’ve got a lot of cows to look after,” laughs Philemon. “Cedric keeps me informed.”

Aside from Cedric, Philemon consults other farmers and top producers in the area for information. He says he likes to know what others are doing and trying in the area and relies on their information and knowledge. “We’re trying to help and share with each other in order to do well,” he says. “I want to see my neighbours do well, too.”

Apart from the farm, Philemon serves on a couple of boards and as the chairman of many New Brunswick local committees and groups. His girls are at the local hockey rink 6 days a week during the winter. There is no doubt that the Lawrence family works hard at everything they do, because whether it’s farming or family, it’s always rewarding.

We thank Philemon & Amy for choosing DEKALB® brand seed for their farm and wish the entire family & operation a safe and successful harvest this year and for many years to come. Check out the results of the Lawrence Dairy Farm corn trial and other farm-managed Market Development trials here…

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