The Jewell Family

Two hundred cattle can be a real handful – even in the Jewell family, where there are a lot of hands to go around.

The Jewell family farm began in 1957, when Roy Jewell purchased the farm in an estate sale. In the early days, Roy was able to manage the farm along with his wife, Elaine. In 1979, his son, Kevin, joined him after completing his education. Now, Kevin and his sons, Kyle and Logan, along with Kyle’s wife, Jane, are the principle decision makers. The boys went to Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro, NS. Kevin’s youngest son, Joel, is an agricultural mechanic with the local John Deere® dealer and helps out on evenings and weekends. Kevin’s wife, Cheryl, and Logan’s wife, Megan, work off-farm but help out where needed.


When Kyle graduated in 2007, there was only one place he wanted to be: back on the farm. “I was never going to do anything else,” says Kyle.

The herd isn’t the only thing keeping the family occupied. The family also grows forage, corn, soybean, winter wheat, and barley crops. The crops supplement the revenue on the farm, but ultimately, the Jewells make most of their decisions around the cattle.

To help them, the Jewells rely on their DEKALB® Seed Dealer, PEI Agromart, and representative Shawn Kerry. The family trusts Shawn to help them choose varieties that perform consistently on their farm. Kyle says they’ve had success with the corn and soybean recommendations Shawn has provided them.

“Anyone can sell you some seed or a tractor,” Kyle adds, “but it’s the support that comes behind – it usually makes or breaks a deal for us.”

The Jewells opt for DEKALB® 25-10RY and 26-10RY soybeans, with DKC30-07RIB and DKC27-55RIB corn in the fields. They like the lower heat unit hybrids, which the Jewells say tend to give them more consistent grain quality. Even with a few favourites to choose from, the Jewells stay on top of the hybrids on the market by participating in DEKALB® Market Development trials.

“You get a first-hand look at what works,” says Kyle. “I like that you do it in your own environment, so you know how it’ll perform.” Even though things look pretty different from how they were back when the farm started in 1957, one thing that has stayed the same: it’s a family passion. “You have good days and bad days,” says Jane, before Kyle adds, “But we’re all working toward the same goal.”

We thank the Jewells for choosing DEKALB® brand seed for their farm and wish their entire family & operation a safe and successful harvest this year and for many years to come. Check out the results of the Jewell’s and other farmer-managed Market Development trials on this fall.

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