Murray, Sharon & Mark Culberson

Murray Culberson has a philosophy when it comes to his farm business. “Once you reach a plateau, you’ve got to find a way to better it – always better it.” The 6th generation farmer and entrepreneur definitely lives this philosophy, sitting within a few yards of the construction site of his new grain terminal – one of many recent large-scale improvements to his operation in Jacksonville, New Brunswick. He adds, “You’ve got to do the same as last year, or better.”

It’s been his passion and pursuit of that “next level” that has led Murray to be the successful farmer and businessman that he is today. Together with wife Sharon and son Mark, the Culberson family has continued to expand their farm, where they grow wheat, corn and soybeans; own and operate a small trucking company; run a custom drying operation – all while slowly building the grain terminal. Mark, having inherited Murray’s entrepreneurial drive, also runs a side business selling farm equipment.


Having spent just five years on their current property after Murray and his brother Roy split their father’s operation into two, it’s been one accomplishment after the next. “With everything we’re building now, it’s like we’re starting all over again,” says Murray. “What you see here today is what our vision was.”

The Culberson’s business is diverse, but every venture has its place in the big picture. Getting into custom drying was one such venture. “Now, we see so much corn, and so many different varieties, so we get to see what’s coming,” he explains.

“If there’s a new variety, we see it come in here and get to see how it dries. It’s a great tool for us.”

The Culbersons have been growing corn for over 10 years now, and soybeans for nearly as long. For either crop, quality is the top concern. Working with their DEKALB® Seed Dealer, Cedric MacLeod, the family has narrowed down varieties to find the best performers for their farm’s Maritime conditions: DKC27-55RIB and DKC23-17RIB corn, along with 25-10RY and 23-60RY soybeans. Cedric fits right in with the family, matching their drive to keep pushing results forward.

“We want to hit number 1 and number 2 grade corn,” says Cedric, “We know we can push 150 bu./ac. and still get number 2, so these guys have said straight up; we want to minimize harvest risk and we don’t want any quality risk.” The Culbersons say growing DEKALB® seed has taken them there, consistently.

“If we do the right planting, the right fertilizer, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be beating number 3 grade,” adds Murray. “It’s beautiful corn.”

Soybeans round out the rotation at the farm, and the family is seeing exciting changes in the market year-over-year. “It’s good quality stuff,” says Murray, noting the great drydown they’ve seen from their favourite varieties. “Soybeans are pretty easy and not too expensive to grow, and we’re learning a lot every year.”

Never ones to settle, the Culbersons still run test trials on their own fields to stay current with new options. Cedric, who runs his own trials, has been invaluable as the family constantly works to perfect their strategy.

“We thrive on opportunities,” says Sharon. Murray adds, “We’re getting better at the game.”

We thank the Culbersons for choosing DEKALB® brand seed for their farm and wish their entire family & operation a safe and successful harvest this year and for many years to come. Check out the results farmer-managed Market Development trials on this fall.

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