Silage Ready™ Corn





DEKALB® Silage Ready™ hybrids are determined by:

  • Evaluating experimental and commercial corn silage hybrids every year
  • Taking a silage sample of each hybrid and testing for key information, with a focus on Milk or Meat per Acre for maximum return to your farm
  • Predicting milk and meat production potential using tools such as MILK2006 from the University of Wisconsin
  • Undergoing testing for a minimum of 2 years over 5 sites with demonstrated high yield and quality attributes in their respective growing zones

A good silage corn product has:

  • High Milk per Ton (MPT)
  • High Milk per Acre (MPA)
  • High silage yield
  • High NDF digestibility
  • High Starch Content (highly digestible)
  • Strong Agronomic Traits

Yield + Quality = Feed Value

 ​Approximately 60% of yield is from the ear:

  • 40 - 45% is from grain
  • 15 - 20% is from the rest (shank and husk)

The primary component of the ear is starch:​

  • Responsible for approximately 45% of all dispensable energy in silage
  • Starch is 70 - 95% digestible

Approximately 40% of yield is from the stem and leaves: 

  •  20 - 25% is from the stem
  • 15% is from the leaves

The primary component of the stem and leaves is Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF):

  • Responsible for approximately 25% of all dispensable energy in silage
  • NDF is 40 - 70% digestible