DKC55-05RIB 3175 CHU

  • Very good disease tolerance
  • Strong yield potential
  • Plant at medium to high populations for best results
  • Excellent late season drydown
  • Performs well across all soil types tested
  • An application of Proline® fungicide at silking is recommended if conditions are conducive to DON/gibberella ear rot development

Product Characteristics

Management Value Added Trait VT2P
CHU 3175
Relative Maturity 105
Planting Planting Rate 32-34
Emergence 2
Growth Seedling Vigour 3
Root Strength 2
Stalk Strength 3
Drought Tolerance 3
Plant Height M-T
Harvest Staygreen 3
Drydown 2
Test Weight 3
Diseases Northern Corn Leaf Blight 4
Gray Leaf Spot 4
Eye Spot 3
Common Rust 3
Gibberella Ear Rot BA
Anthracnose Leaf Blight -
Anthracnose Stalk Rot 4
Herbicide Herbicide Safety All
Silage Silage Yield 1
Milk/Tonne 3
Milk /Acre 3

Hybrid Traits

Acceleron Solutions Appliquées Aux Semences

Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions products are an excellent complement with DEKALB® corn hybrids. By improving protection from diseases, insects and improving nutrient uptake, crops may experience better early season vigour and improved yield potential.

For more information on Acceleron® Seed Applied solutions for corn, visit:

Corn Acceleron Legend


Plant Height

  • S = Short
  • M = Medium
  • T = Tall

Value Added Trait:

  • RR2 = Roundup Ready® Corn 2
  • SS = SmartStax® RIB Complete® Technology
  • VT2P = VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® Technology

Rating Scale:

  • 1-2 = Excellent
  • 3-4 = Very Good
  • 5-6 = Good
  • 7-8 = Fair
  • 9 = Poor
  • N/A = Not Available

Gibberella Ear Rot Rating:

  • AA = Above Average
  • A = Average
  • BA = Below Average

Herbicide Safety

  • GR = Adverse effects from Growth Regulator Herbicides (Banvel® II, Clarity, Marksman®, 2,4-D)
  • SU = Adverse effects from Sulfonylurea Herbicides (Accent®, Elim®, Ultim®)
  • IS = Adverse effects from Isoxaflutole Herbicides (Converge®)
  • All = Either no adverse effects from the hybrid/herbicide combination were noted or only slight damage could be noted under adverse conditions or herbicide application at higher than label rates
The RIB designation refers to a RIB Complete® product.