Benefits of Straight Cut Canola Hybrids

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Print Email Tweet’s not just about being able to park the swather and enjoy one less pass over your canola field. Choosing a “straight cut” hybrid brings a whole new system of benefits to growing canola. What’s attracted the majority of straight cut growers to the system are the greater yield potentials, increased grain quality and general benefits to their farm management .

Consistent crop stand plays an important role in straight cut success. Knowing that the canola will need to be standing out in the field for a longer period means we are focused on robust and healthy plants. An even plant stand begins with even emergence and early season weed and insect control. Pairing consistent emerging hybrids with the best crop protection can be critical for success. Throughout the season hybrids need to have the appropriate disease control and resistant genetics to ensure that they will be standing and maturing evenly for harvest.

Straight cut hybrids are selected for their excellent harvestability and every consideration has gone into speeding up harvest while reducing losses and risk. There are a lot of factors getting to the day of direct combining. Increased pod integrity in our genetics the is primary driver for reducing losses. In addition to pod integrity, our DEKALB SC hybrids feature early maturity and quicker dry down to allow for an earlier, faster and smoother harvest. Natural dry-down means a desiccant isn’t always necessary, removing all the risks associated with another spray pass in the fall over the crop.

After considering harvest ease the next thing we turn to is minimizing harvest losses. Maximizing what you can harvest, reducing shatter losses and increasing bushels by letting canola stand, ultimately increases the profitability of that crop year. It also sets you up for easier management for future years. One of the biggest headaches following a canola crop can be managing the volunteers in the following crops. We often focus on what we need to do to control them and forget to look at where they came from and what that means about our canola harvest plans. When you choose a straight cut hybrid, you’re instantly reducing harvest losses due to shattering and reducing the volunteers that need to be managed in following years. Early season weed removal programs that are focused on resistance management combined with reduced volunteer pressures are set up for long term weed management success.