Straight Cutting

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For years, farmers in Western Canada have swathed their canola crop at harvest time. However, many farmers don’t have the time, equipment or extra help they need to swath all their fields at the ideal maturity. As a result, many fields are swathed too early or too late, damaging yield and quality.

With the right hybrid choice, farmers can use straight cutting to improve their canola crop’s quality and yield potential while managing work load.


B​ecome More E​fficient ​with S​traight C​utting Products F​rom DEKALB®

The Monsanto breeding program is working to develop products suitable for straight cutting, a growing practice in Western Canada. This includes products with improved pod integrity, good canopy knitting, and excellent harvestability. 75-65 RR is the latest straight cut product from DEKALB.




*Source: 2014-2016 DEKALB MD Straight Cut Trials, Western Canada, n=64. Individual results may vary.


Agronomic Insight 

  • Seed early to ensure proper growing window.
  • Spray at label rates and staging.
  • Straight cut at 10% moisture or lower; when canola has dark brown to black seed and a dry stem.
  • 75-65 RR is early maturing and will allow you to straight cut earlier.


When straight cutting, think about the type of combine header you have or are using. A proper header will prevent the crop from bunching up and not flowing properly and will allow you to move along more efficiently. The Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) research on Canola Direct-Cut Harvest Systems has found that rigid, draper, or extendable  cutterbar  headers  appear  to  all be viable header options for straight cutting canola. However, there are feeding and loss differences. PAMI recommends modifying the ends of the header to provide a smooth surface to reduce loss and removing sharp edges at the center of the auger as well as using lower reel speed to reduce header loss.<sup<1<>

Weed Control 

The presence of green weeds in the field can make it difficult to straight cut. However, with the advanced weed control achieved in the Genuity® Roundup Ready® canola system, green weeds may be less of a challenge in these crops or with these hybrids. If, for some reason, green weeds are a concern in your DEKALB canola, consider using a tank-mix of Heat® LQ and Roundup Transorb® HC herbicides to control green weeds and aid in crop dry down.


You may want to consider this option in a multi-stage field if the majority of the field is ready to harvest and some is further behind. You should be advised that desiccants do not speed up maturity of a plant, they simply aid with a rapid drydown. Syngenta’s herbicide Reglone® is an on-label desiccant option for many crops, including canola. As per BASF label recommendations, Heat® LQ herbicide can also be used as a harvest aid/desiccant on canola. Consult the labels of these products for full recommendations.

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