Blair & Chad Young

If there’s one thing that Blair Young knows, it’s farming. After his father’s sudden passing, Blair took over his family’s farm at just 20 years old. In April of 1998, he moved to his current farm in Bedell, NB with wife, Angela, and 4 children: Vanessa, Hailie, Kyley, and Chad, with a clear vision to expand his business and operation. Blair owes his passion for farming to his father, and since the family’s arrival in Bedell, he’s worked the land with the same pride and care.

Fast forward to today, Blair now farms with his son, Chad, who grew up farming and likes the variety and challenges that come with being able to do something different every day on the farm.

“It’s a good way to make a living”, explains Chad, “My Dad and I bounce ideas around and talk back and forth every day. It’s nice to have someone else that thinks like you.”

Chad has taken over a lot of responsibility on the farm and Blair is proud to see his son gradually taking over the operation, as he did from his father. When it comes to farm work, Blair and Chad are a solid team.

“Chad is more ‘techy’ than I am, and that’s his forté. But I still have the last say,” says Blair. Without skipping a beat, Chad smiles and replies, “He’s still the boss.”

Together, they grow potatoes, wheat, barley, soybeans, peas, corn, and oats in rotation on the farm. The decision to grow soybeans, like most decisions on B&C Young Farms, had largely to do with profit. But soybeans have the extra appeal of being a crop that allows them to diversify their rotation and spread out their harvest workload.


“They’re a different part of the year for harvesting,” says Blair. This allows him and Chad to spend time on earlier maturing crops before the pod-loaded soybeans are ready to combine. The DEKALB® brand has a variety – 25-10 RY – that has been a staple on the farm because, according to Blair – “decent yield, fairly big plant, and it stands tall & strong.” They’ve also grown 24-10RY and 22-60RY from the DEKALB® brand to help spread out maturity and harvest.

Corn has also been a staple crop on the farm for nearly 15 years. Blair explains that he was one of the first farmers in the area to start growing corn. “I just really like it. It’s fun to watch the stuff grow, and it’s something different,” he says, grinning. Blair and Chad grow DKC27-55RIB, and DKC23-17RIB from DEKALB® because of their bushel weight, and earliness. “It’s got to mature,” he says, remarking how his DEKALB® crops have come a long way in terms of maturity, dry-down, and yield over the years.

When it comes to learning about other hybrids and varieties, Blair likes to chat with his neighbours or look at up-and-coming products on his own. He also goes to to look at yield data from other farmers in the region.

“It’s something to look at, and it’s a good guideline,” explains Blair, “But I always trust what I see on my own farm.”

Blair and Chad also like the advice that they get from their local DEKALB® Dealer, Cedric MacLeod of Hillview Farms Ltd. Cedric does his own plot work and shares what he sees and the information that he learns with Blair and Chad. In addition, Cedric also provides advice on fertility and variety information.

When they’re not working hard on the farm, Blair and Chad make time for leisure. Whether that means snowmobiling around the fields in the winter or taking vacations with Chad’s wife Brooke, and daughter, Arbor, spending time with family is always the top priority. In fact, we have a feeling Arbor might just be the next one to pick up the torch.

We thank Blair & Chad for choosing DEKALB® brand seed for their farm and wish the entire family & operation a safe and successful harvest this year and for many years to come. Check out the results of B&C Young Farms corn trial and other farm-managed Market Development trials here… 

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