Arvel Lawson

DEKALB Agronomist

Get to Know Your DEKALB® Representative

How long have you been with Monsanto?

I have been with Monsanto since 2010. 

What are your areas of agronomic expertise or special interests?
I’ve worked primarily with Oilseed Crops during my career and have extensive experience in canola, flax, and sunflower agronomy. I’m extremely passionate about developing individualized plans with farmers that combine a strong foundation in agronomy with precise management tools. I’ve seen this approach flourish on our own farm and enjoy sharing these learnings with customers. I’ve had a passion for weed science since grad school and enjoy the challenge of developing and applying practical crop management solutions. I also enjoy teaching through the use of active learning strategies and translating technical material into practical answers for my customers.

Why do you love working with farmers
I love how every farm and farmer is so unique. It is fun to learn about each individual operation and work jointly with my customers to determine what solutions will add the most value, increase efficiency, improve logistics, and allow more time for life in amongst the work. Farmers teach me so much about optimism, focus, and resiliency and I am thankful for the opportunity to work in agriculture with such passionate and kind people.