Meghan Desjardins

DEKALB Agronomist

Get to Know Your DEKALB® Representative

How long have you been with Monsanto?
I have been with Monsanto since 2017

What are your areas of agronomic expertise or special interests?
My area of expertise or interest would be straight cutting canola and economics. I am passionate about helping producers make farm decisions based on sound agronomic practices and economics to achieve all they can out of their acres.

Why do you love working with farmers?
I love working with farmers because agriculture is a way of life, an industry with love and pride at its roots. I grew up on a family farm in SE Alberta and have been active in agriculture my entire life, I am passionate about the opportunities it presents and the future of Canadian Ag. Collaborating with farmers to achieve all we can on their operations is something I absolutely love doing. Agriculture is so much more then a job - it’s a commitment to the land, the community and to each other.