Roger McComas

DEKALB Territory Account Manager

Get to Know Your DEKALB® Representative

How long have you been with Monsanto?

I have been with Monsanto since 1998

What are your areas of agronomic expertise or special interests?

I have worked in Agriculture for 30 years in Northwest Saskatchewan. We have seen continual progression to where we are at today, delivering the highest production and quality. My special interests are working with our farm customers to identify their specific needs and then provide solutions to fit that need. With the portfolio of products and services we offer, we can tailor a prescription to deliver the solutions. Each farm is unique and requires a unique, individual plan.

Why do you love working with farmers?
Farmers are fantastic people! They are entrepreneurs, inventors, mechanics, caretakers, engineers, the staple of our food production and so much more. They work hard and dedicate themselves to their profession. At the end of the day people deal with people, and farmers are great people to deal with!  We can work together making huge accomplishments and have fun doing it.