Darryl Whittington

DEKALB Agronomist

Get to Know Your DEKALB® Representative

How long have you been with Monsanto?
I have been with Monsanto since 2012.

What are your areas of agronomic expertise or special interests?

 I am a problem solver and critical thinker – I like to use our Market Development plot data to place products and maximize their yield potential. I love to use and evaluate the latest and greatest in agriculture whether be traits, genetics, equipment or data analysis. I am committed to help growers increase their productivity and quality of corn and soybean crops.

Why do you love working with farmers?

I like to help farmers achieve higher yield while being more profitable. Every farmer is different and goes about their business in a different way. I love their willingness to learn and willingness to adapt to new technologies and I admire their ability to overcome the challenges they are dealt. Their passion and hard work is contagious.