Bob Thirlwall

DEKALB Agronomist

Get to Know Your DEKALB® Representative

How long have you been with Monsanto?
I have been with Monsanto since 1994.

What are your areas of agronomic expertise or special interests?
Growing up on a farm, I can relate to the goals and challenges that growers face throughout the season. Additionally, my many years with Monsanto has given me valuable experience and expertise in various agronomic solutions, including planting rate, fungicide recommendations, and product fit for each field and management style. I keep up on the latest agronomic solutions to ensure I provide growers with the best solutions for their crops.

Why do you love working with farmers?
Farmers are the best customers of all. They are always striving to get better and more efficient with their cropping systems. It’s amazing to see how they all share ideas on ways to produce higher yields in a safe, sustainable way.