Canola Traits

/_uploads/images/canola/GEN_RRCanola_RGB.pngThis year, the DEKALB® brand introduces our most powerful canola lineup ever, with some of the highest yielding hybrids on the market today. 

Specifically bred for high performance agriculture, DEKALB canola hybrids combine an innovative breeding program with leading trait technology and enhanced disease protection, to deliver unsurpassed year over year annual genetic yield gains DEKALB growers have come to expect. DEKALB brand top hybrids compared to our competitor’s top hybrids continue to show greater win rates year over year as new and improved products are introduced into the market. 

Right from the start, DEKALB hybrids deliver the performance advantage of our Acceleron® seed treatment technology for canola*—a seed treatment technology that contains an industry leading insecticide and fungicide package. They also come with the superior weed control benefits of the Genuity® Roundup Ready® system, offering superior control of annual and perennial weeds under a wide range of environmental conditions and across a long window of growth stages. A compact plant architecture provides a faster and easier harvest experience, and enhanced breeding traits for blackleg and clubroot resistance and shatter tolerance round out our performance package that’s backed by a 100% Replant Guarantee

And to ensure you have the essential information you need to get the most from your DEKALB canola hybrids, we offer exceptional in-the-field support from our DEKALB agronomic team.

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* only available for purchase in Western Canada